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    Buy Ketamine/CAS No: 6740-88-1 infusion – Legal Way – Order  ketamine IM Injection 

    Intravenous (IV) and Intramuscular (IM) Ketamine Therapy
    We have administered nearly 50000 IV ketamine infusions as of summer 2022, and have repeatedly seen patients’ symptoms
    rapidly improve with the use of ketamine after other treatment modalities failed to bring relief. We have also confirmed a
    lack of ongoing side effects when following our protocols.
    Ketamine can be an alternative to psychiatric medications or be used to minimize or simplify medication regimens.
    Based on each patient’s history and current issues, our recommendations are focused on providing appropriate options for the
    patient’s consideration. We also recognize that psychoactive medications are
    not “set and forget.” Follow-up and monitoring are critical.
    The patient’s experience with an intravenous medication used in psychiatry relies not only on the chemical composition of the
    compound but also is affected by the experience and skill of the clinician administering it.  One of the reasons that we began using
    IV ketamine was that, as a board-certified anesthesiologists, we knew that we could do so safely and effectively.

    Ketamine Therapy

    Intravenous (IV) Ketamine Infusions for depression | Intramuscular (IM) Ketamine Injections for depression
    Initial ketamine therapy consists of 12 IV ketamine treatments over the course of 10 weeks, split into two phases. The details
    of this protocol are discussed in detail during the initial evaluation. Infusion appointments generally take an hour and a half,
    and IM injections treatments are approximately 1 hours. If the symptoms are successfully controlled with these initial treatments,
    then follow-up evaluations will be conducted to determine long-term treatment plans.
    Maintenance treatments usually consist of one infusion every 2-6 weeks.
    Discounts: Packages of either 20 IV infusions, or 20 IM injections can be purchased for a 15% discount.

    Order Ketamine / CAS No: 6740-88-1

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